World Prayer Today

“God is silent, what shall I do?”

October 18, 2019

Welcome to Croatia. Today on our World Prayer journey, we are introduced to a listener at a crossroads.

He writes:

“I found your website as soon as I got my computer in 2010, and I have been following you since then. I have been trying to understand the troubles I am in. My faith has never undergone such temptation as it is now. After so many decades of walking with God, with sorrow I say: ‘I don't understand anything anymore ….’ I am praying to God, and He is silent. What am I doing wrong? Does it have to be like this? How can I testify to anyone when I am ashamed of the situation we are in? Me without money, my sons divorced, my grandchildren in broken homes. I listen to every broadcast and take notes, and I cling to the Word of God. I love God above all, and I want to get to know Him as much as I can before I go to Him. Your program is a help in that. Please pray for me and my family. I don’t understand our circumstances, but I will choose to trust Him. May God bless you as you share His Word with the world.”

What an honest letter. Let’s pray that God’s Word brings encouragement to all those who hear it today. Ask God to protect those who want to follow Him but find it difficult. May His Word alone sustain and guide us as we submit our dreams and hopes to Him.

Next week our world prayer journey takes us to Southeast Asia. Let’s cover it in prayer together.