World Prayer Today

Need hope and healing? Here’s a great story . . .

October 24, 2019

“My name is Vinod from Uttar Pradesh, and I come from a non-Christian background. I live with my wife and two daughters in Australia.

“About five years ago, we lived in poverty and suffered with severe sickness, one after another. There was no hope and joy in our lives; we approached several other means for our healing from our present condition, but nothing happened. By believing others, we lost our money and all our treasures.

“One day I heard from the village people that a group had come to our town and taught the Word of God. The pastor invited us to attend a Sunday service and prayer meeting. After coming home, we all felt a unique rest and peace. The next day he visited our home and counseled us from the Word of God and invited us to listen to your radio program. Over the next weeks, we listened and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. We all felt healing happen in our bodies and our minds and our spirits. The Lord Jesus delivered His rest and peace to us.

“We especially appreciated the passage from Luke 19 about Zacchaeus, who though he was rich needed peace and rest, and he knew he would receive it only from the Lord Jesus. We felt the same way. I thank God for His grace upon me and on my family; today we all witness the great and good works the Lord has done for us. Please pray for us when we share and witness the works of God to other people.”

Keep praying for the effectiveness of God’s Word in delivering grace and mercy to people around the world. Your prayers are being used by God to bring healing and life.

Tomorrow we’ll travel on our knees to a country where over 700 languages are spoken!