World Prayer Today

“My evenings and mornings are transformed through God’s Word”

November 01, 2019

“When things are difficult, I recite God’s Word and I am renewed.”

That’s the great news we hear today from a listener in Swaziland.  Here’s the rest of his story:

“Thank you for your broadcasts. They are helping me discover not only where I stand with God but to understand the Bible better. I would like the notes that go along with your broadcasts. I do not read well, but I would like to try. I live in a rural area so it may take a while to receive them, but please try. Life is not always easy, but knowing God’s Word brings joy to my heart. I try to share this Good News with those I know. Please keep transmitting—my evenings and mornings are transformed through God’s Word.”

As we pray today, let’s remember this listener and all those who listen to Thru the Bible in Swaziland and ask God to reach into more hearts and homes in this African nation.

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