World Prayer Today

Your prayer travels into dangerous regions

November 04, 2019

Despite huge progress, many areas of Latin America still remain dangerous, with guerrilla groups fighting each other and with government forces.

Rosa is one of the untold thousands who listen to Thru the Bible in Spanish in Venezuela along the Colombian border, where such dangers are a daily reality. Many churches have been closed and pastors killed or forced to leave the area because of threats. But Thru the Bible is there to bring God’s Word. Here is part of her letter, which she delivered to the station:

“Through this station and some of the programs from TWR, I began to know the Lord Jesus, His plan of salvation, and why I should accept Him as my Savior. A desire to read the Bible grew up in me, so I took a Bible out of an old closet and dusted it off. The truth is, I had no idea how to begin to read it until I heard a program on the station called A Través de la Biblia (TTB) in which they taught passages from the Bible and one can study along.

“Today I thank God, because even without a church or without anyone to talk to me about God, He (wanting to rescue me from the hell in which I lived because of the abuse and drunkenness of my husband, and the debts that were going to make us lose the house and the farm) provided a station with a different kind of message that helped me know God and have an encounter with Jesus.”

What a great picture of how God uses His Word to bring people to Himself. Those living in dark and dangerous places hear the truth and respond in faith. Don’t you love how we can all “dust off” our Bibles and meet Jesus in a fresh way?  Pray for more in Latin America to come to faith in Christ as they hear God’s Word.

Tomorrow, we travel south on our knees to pray for the people of Paraguay. See you then.