World Prayer Today

A thank you note from Colombia

November 08, 2019

Have you been on your knees, traveling the world? Here’s encouragement to keep going from one of the most war-torn areas of the world. 

From Roberto in Barranquilla, Colombia:

“Dear brothers and sisters of Thru the Bible, it is my heart’s desire to greet you and thank you for the blessing you bring to my life and the life of my family. Through listening to your studies and making the effort to put into practice the Word of God, that day after day and for many years you have given us, you have fanned the flame of faith in the Lord Jesus.  We listen to Thru the Bible every day on HCJB, the Voice of the Andes in Quito, Ecuador, and also on the internet.

“May the Lord abundantly bless you who work and pray and give you a long life so that this program may remain a torch in the lives of thousands of people in need of the gospel.”

Next week we will travel to South Asia on our knees. See you then.