World Prayer Today

“Thanks for keeping me on track!”

November 18, 2019

There’s hardly a family in the world today that is not affected by the ravages of addictive substance abuse. Many wonder if there’s any way out.

Meet Scott, whose company on the Bible Bus has helped him survive.

“Addicted to cocaine, I lost everything … my job, my house, and ultimately my family. I ended up living in my car. But praise God, today I cautiously celebrate three years of sobriety! Thank you for your broadcasts that help keep me on track and, more importantly, thanks be to God! I am continually in awe of the saving grace of Jesus Christ—given to anyone who asks, even me!”

Today let’s pray for the millions of people worldwide impacted by substance abuse. Intercede for those who feel like they have no hope—that they would find life and peace in Jesus.

We’ll celebrate another life saved by grace and mercy tomorrow. See you then!