World Prayer Today

“What happens after we die?”

November 19, 2019

As we intentionally take these weeks at the end of the year to praise God for how He has worked in the lives of Thru the Bible listeners this year, it’s good to remember what it was like when we were lost, without hope.

Today, reflect on God’s goodness when He saved you as you read this story of a true seeker:

“In my country, it is not allowed to question authority. But in my spirit, I was. I looked for truth that satisfied my questions about life after we die. I did not believe in my country’s teaching on ancestor worship. Quietly, I listened to my coworkers from other countries. What did they believe? I asked one trustworthy woman and she was the first person to tell me about Jesus. She then gave me a thumb drive of the Thru the Bible studies. I am listening every night. I am writing you now to tell you I have decided to trust Jesus Christ with my heart and soul. Thank you for your teaching. Please pray for me.”

Wow! We’re so glad to pray for this precious new sister and others like her who are being drawn by God to His truth. Your prayers are making a difference!

Hear more great stories of God at work tomorrow here with the World Prayer Team.