World Prayer Today

“I thank God that I’m far from where I was …”

December 26, 2019

Today on World Prayer Today, we celebrate the miraculous way God draws people to Himself. Like this brother in California: 

“Dr. McGee brings a deep understanding of the Word of God that I have never experienced before. For many years, I watched the “Bible Bus” from afar but was always hesitant to climb on-board. Until a year ago when I found the Lord—or rather, when He found me. A co-worker met me at a local coffee shop and prayed with me. In that very parking lot, I acknowledged and confessed my sin and asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. But I didn’t feel any different. A week went by, no difference. A month, two, three months went by … no different. I did however continue to listen to Thru the Bible on my phone and read my Bible. Day by day, as Dr. McGee unwrapped the Word, I began to not only look forward to the next day’s message, but found myself needing the next day’s message! Over time, I changed. The change was not an instantaneous ‘flash’ but more of a methodical slow burn. Though I’m far from where I need to be … I thank God that I’m far from where I was! God called me and I answered. It’s that simple.”

Let’s thank the Lord for courageous people who share the name of Jesus with their friends, neighbors, and coworkers and one by one see them turn to God.

Join us tomorrow as the celebration continues right here on World Prayer Today.