World Prayer Today

The difference between relationship and religion

January 27, 2020

“I never understood that religion and a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ are two very different things.”

That’s what we hear from a listener named Javier in San Antonio, Texas, as we continue to pray around the world this month.

He continues:

“While driving in my car, I inadvertently tuned into your program. Never in my life had I read a complete book of the sacred scriptures despite several years in the church. I felt as though my soul was roused. I know it was not a coincidence, my having found you. I know it was the Spirit of God. I have now been listening to you for three years, and I pray the Lord keeps blessing this outreach so more people will learn what it means to know God … not to know ‘of’ him, but really know who He is and how much He loves them.”

Javier is right. Despite our rich religious history and constitutionally protected freedom of religion, churches in the U.S. are often spiritually anemic.

Today pray for God’s Word to be taught in our nation’s churches. Begin praying for your own church today. Intercede for your church leaders. Pray now for your pastor as he prepares his message for this weekend, pray for his family to be protected, pray for his own faith to grow. Ask for God’s mercy and grace to be a hallmark of your church body. Thank the Lord for what He is doing within your church body.

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