World Prayer Today

Praying for church leaders in Southern Africa

January 29, 2020

“I am a pastor in Swaziland and your program is a vital help to me.”

That’s what we hear from one enthusiastic listener as our World Prayer tour takes us through Southern Africa today. He continues:

“Through your teaching, I have learned we need not add or subtract anything from the Word of God, but let the Word speak on its own. For more than 10 years I have listened to Thru the Bible, and I am proud to say it has shaped me spiritually. I am a better pastor and father because I understand the Word of God. I pray God will keep your program on the radio, so more pastors and churches will benefit from the truth you so clearly explain.”

That’s the kind of request we love to pray for! As we gather on our knees, let’s lift up this pastor and all those in Southern Africa. Whether in big cities or small villages, let’s pray that through the knowledge of God’s Word they will first know Him intimately, and then be able to minister for Him powerfully as they lead His church.

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