World Prayer Today

Thru the Bible on TV?

January 30, 2020

If you’ve been on the Bible Bus long, then you know we often pray for God to open creative doors for us to proclaim His Word throughout the world.

One way we have been able to reach millions—in some very surprising places—is through Arabic (and soon Persian, too) programs on satellite TV.

One listener named Naeem recently told us about the first time he heard about Jesus:

“I have two wives and seven children. I feel a lot of pressure to provide for my growing family and am often unwise in how I treat them. One day I saw your program. I had never heard anything like it. At first, I was angry with what you said. It was different than we have been taught, but I continued to watch. Now I watch regularly with my family. We have many questions, but our family life is improving. We feel a peace that was not present before. It would be very difficult and perhaps unsafe to leave our religion, but we are curious and would like to know more.”

Praise God! As we pray today for God’s Word to be spread on satellite television, let’s also pray for protection over those who teach on these programs and those who choose to follow Jesus because of them.

Know someone who’s heart language is Arabic? Tell them about Kol el Ketab, Thru the Bible’s Arabic television program.  Find it at and also on YouTube.

Tomorrow is the last day in our monthlong worldwide prayer tour, but we’re far from finished. In fact, we’re just getting started.