World Prayer Today

“I believe Jesus revealed Himself to me.”

February 03, 2020

Living through a long and deadly civil war, the people of Sudan face unprecedented humanitarian crises including displacement, hunger, malnutrition, and disease.

Despite these challenges, most foreigners are likely to describe the Sudanese among the most friendly and hospitable they’ve met in their travels.

That’s exactly how we would describe a listener named Garang who greets us as we make a stop in Khartoum today. He says:

“I greet you with much joy. It is with great pleasure I share that I now know Jesus and study His Word through your Arabic program.

“Before, my life was filled with much pain. My biological father was killed in the war, and the man who raised me left my mother. I became very angry and violent. I drank, smoked, and took drugs. After hitting one of my extended family members, I was thrown in jail for a year. After I was released, I began drinking again. But one day I fell on my face, and I believe Jesus revealed Himself to me.

“I do not remember much, but I do remember He told me he was ‘The way, the Truth, and the Life.’ I could not tell anyone about this encounter because other religions are not accepted in our family, but I found your programs and began to listen. Through them, I have decided to follow Jesus and not let go of Him. He saved me, and I owe Him my life! You are now my Christian family and I am grateful for your prayers.”

Praise God for His loving pursuit of this young man and each one of us. Today let’s ask Him to draw more people in Sudan, and throughout Eastern Africa, to Himself.

We’re traveling through Eastern Africa all this week. Join us on your knees tomorrow in Zambia.