World Prayer Today

God’s Word feeds a hungry soul in Quebec

March 03, 2020

With its cobblestoned streets lined with quaint shops and bistros, the charm of Quebec lures travelers from all over the world.

As we begin our prayer trek through this lovely city, we’re joined by a local named Renee. She says:

“I was curious about the Bible but couldn’t understand it. I was becoming a bit frustrated until I found your programs in French. Your teachings are a rich feast for a hungry soul. I learned about what Jesus has offered me through His death on the cross and called your office. I was surprised to talk with someone who offered to pray with me on the phone.

“Now I am completely satisfied. At work, at home, visiting with friends … wherever I find myself, I am content and at peace. Knowing God and understanding His Word has made all the difference. Those closest to me have recognized this change. It is my pleasure to tell them about Jesus and direct them to your programs.”

Praise God for His work in Renee’s life and all those who study with us on the Bible Bus. Pray that as the Holy Spirit moves, more Canadians recognize their spiritual hunger and ultimately come by faith to believe in our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

We’ll pray our way along the gorgeous coast of Nova Scotia tomorrow. Hop aboard here at