World Prayer Today

A prayer for unsaved family members

July 09, 2020

As our global prayer journey continues, the request we receive most often from listeners is to pray for family members and friends to come to know and love the Lord. Daniel in Madagascar shares that desire:

“I am a born again Christian and the only one in my family to be a follower of Jesus. They still worship idols, and it makes my life very difficult. I pray they will listen to your teaching. I ask the Lord to change their hearts. I spend hours on my knees pleading for them. Will you join me? I feel so alone in my faith, and I fear for their eternal future.”

Are you praying for the salvation of a loved one, too? Together let’s lift one another up and ask the Lord to give us patience as we learn to trust in His work in our loved one’s life.

Father, Your Word says You desire all men to be saved and come into the knowledge of the truth. So, we pray today for our family members and the family members of our fellow listeners. Please draw each one to your Son so they may know You personally and spend eternity with You. Give them hearts that long to know and seek to find You. As they do, I pray you overwhelm them with Your lavish grace and undeniable love. Direct Your Spirit to give us wisdom of when to speak of Your goodness in our lives, and when You do, give us the courage to walk through that open door. We pray in confidence and gratitude for the work You are doing in their lives and countless others around the world. In the precious name of Jesus we pray, amen.

A social worker in Ethiopia asks us to join her in prayer for a remote village. Hop aboard and join us tomorrow.