World Prayer Today

Praying through a land of “awe and action”

July 27, 2020

Located in western Canada, the province of Alberta borders the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Travel companies say this panorama inspires both “awe and action.”

As the World Prayer Team explores the wonders of this gorgeous nation, we’ll also stop and pray for the hearts of Thru the Bible listeners like this one:

“At 41 years old, I’m back to school. I’ve been called to be a pastor. I can really use your prayers. Your program has been there to edify what my school has taught me, and to encourage me to keep going. This is a surprising life change, but a welcome one. Please pray that in my ‘final’ career I please God with all I do. I want nothing more than to do His work. It will be my pleasure to partner with you. I know your program will be a tool I recommend over and over to those I have the pleasure to serve.”

Praise God for those who share His Word and love with those in Canada and around the world. Today let’s ask God to give them strength, encouragement, and peace as they minister in His name.

Our journey through Canada continues tomorrow as we pray our way across Prince Edward Island. We’ll meet you there.