World Prayer Today

God’s Word is spreading in the bush of Angola

August 12, 2020

Each weekday, Thru the Bible is heard around the globe in over 120 languages. As we travel together through Angola today, let’s celebrate how God’s Word reaches listeners in remote locations like this one:

“I work in the bush, cutting wood. There is no church nearby. Therefore, Thru the Bible is my church. Every evening I gather some fellow workers and friends to listen to the program. You are the only ones keeping us from perishing. Through your words we grow closer to God and understand what He wants from us. We live more peacefully together. Pease keep up the good work and may God bless you.”

No doubt about it—God is at work in Africa, even in the most difficult areas to reach. Today pray hearts in Angola will be opened to the power of His Word, and many will respond in faith to God’s gift of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.

God’s Word helps a listener in Cameroon face her biggest fears. Join us tomorrow for her story on World Prayer Today.