World Prayer Today

Praying for our fellow Bible Bus passengers in Peru

August 31, 2020

From downtown Lima to smack-dab in the middle of nowhere, Peru is a paradise for active travelers. It’s also the perfect place for an active prayer journey.

So, World Prayer Team, let’s get to work. Ask God to strengthen believers like this one who studies alongside us, but perhaps using different methods than many of us.

“Thank you for having Thru the Bible available in text. Due to my hearing problems I had stopped listening to it several years ago. But a few months ago, I discovered on your website that it’s also possible to read them [in Spanish]. Since then I have been feeding my soul, reading a study every day from Monday to Sunday. I encourage you to continue having it in text, as you already know this work is not in vain.”

Today let’s rejoice in the faith of this fellow Bible Bus passenger and pray more will join us each day.

God’s Word is reaching listeners in Ecuador. Join us for more good news tomorrow.