World Prayer Today

A church is closed, a pastor flees, but God’s Word remains

September 16, 2020

“Thank you for your programs. When the government closed our church, the pastors fled the country.”

That’s what we hear from Mila* in Iraq. She continues:

“For a while we tried to meet in my home, but the pressure was too great. I felt alone and abandoned in my faith. But then I heard about you. I now listen faithfully. Your teaching gives me peace in my heart and hope for the future. I know God is with me.”

Today pray for Mila and those who feel alone in their faith. Ask God to comfort them and give them courage to stand firm despite threats of persecution and terror.

As we do, let’s also lift up the millions in Iraq who have never heard the gospel. May Thru the Bible in Arabic and Kurdish be heard and Iraqi people be transformed by God’s grace.

We’ve got more to pray about tomorrow. Grab a friend and join us in the United Arab Emirates.

*name changed to protect listener