World Prayer Today

A drunk and disorderly text leads to a long and fruitful relationship

September 21, 2020

“Your teaching is all nonsense. I’m off now, it’s time to drink some more.”

That’s the text Dmitry from Russia sent during a Thru the Bible program.

Today as we travel through Russia, pray for the opportunity to be used by God to change hearts—especially of those who contact us expressing anger and frustration. Often there’s a lot of them! Together let’s ask God to use these interactions as the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship like it did for Dmitry.

Here’s his next text: “Thank you for kindly answering my rude text. I have decided to take your advice and study with you to see what really is in God’s Word. I’ll be listening and asking serious questions from now on.”

A suicidal listener in Bulgaria meets God on the radio. We’ll share his story tomorrow on World Prayer Today.