World Prayer Today

“My family is unhappy about my devotion to Jesus Christ …”

October 02, 2020

Under Portuguese rule, Guinea-Bissau was mostly a Catholic nation. Since their independence, Islam has spread, and today roughly half the population claim to follow Mohammad. 

As we walk along the white sandy beaches and dip our toes in the blue-green ocean waters, we meet with a listener who asks us to pray.   

“Hello, I would like to ask your prayers for me. My life is not good because of my problems at home. Only Islam is accepted, and my family is unhappy about my devotion to Jesus Christ. I know God can help me, but I have no strength. I turn again to you, my only church, those who I can count on … will you pray for me?”

Today, as we intercede for this fellow Bible Bus rider and all those who are persecuted and alone in their faith, here are a few things to guide us:

  • Pray believers won’t waver in their faith when pressured by family and friends.
  • Pray for protection over those who are oppressed and threatened by family and community members.
  • Pray that believers’ families will accept their faith and come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, too.
  • Ask God to use His Word to bring hope and encouragement during times of despair and difficulty.

Pack those summer clothes, hat, and sunscreen—next week we’ll pray our way through Central America and the Caribbean.