World Prayer Today

Praying for the resented and rejected in the Bahamas

October 06, 2020

“I’ve been going to church all my life, and there is so much I didn’t know.” 

That’s what we hear from Taja as pray our way through the Bahamas today. She continues: 

I thank you very much for your work. I found your radio programs some months ago, and I decided along with a good sister in the faith to start studying the Bible together. We started with Luke and with the help of the Lord we will be here for the entire ride. Many churches here don’t teach the entire Bible. We now pray others will join us and realize the amazing truths found in God’s Word. It really is life changing.” 

Join these sisters and pray for more Bahamians to hop aboard the Bible Bus. Also intercede for the thousands of Haitian refugees who are often resented and rejected. May God’s Word bring peace and reconciliation between all people who want to know Him. 

We’ll be praying our way across “Spice Island” tomorrow. Come prepared to pray and invite a friend to join us.