World Prayer Today

“I thought Christians were joyless and judgmental. Was I ever wrong!”

October 19, 2020

“Joyless and judgmental.” That’s what Troy says he grew up believing about Christianity until a friend in college invited him to a Bible study and everything changed. Here’s the rest of his story: 

“I was new on campus and wasn’t making many friends, so when my dormmate asked me to go with him, I said ‘yes.’ All day long I dreaded it, but when I got there and I saw how much fun everyone was having and how relaxed they were, I was relieved. I started to attend regularly and one of the guys suggested I begin to read the Bible on my own and handed me a card with your website. That was two years ago, and now I’m a regular passenger on the Bible Bus. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me. I’m like Dr. McGee, every new book we study is my favorite. I especially like when he points to Jesus in each one.” 

You never know the difference you can make in the lives of those around you. Keep inviting others to church with you, keep sharing about your joy in the Lord, and keep praying for Him to use each one of us for His glory in the lives of others. 

A listener in Puerto Rico encourages us tomorrow. Travel with us on World Prayer Today.