World Prayer Today

“My mama … knew one day I would return to my Savior, and prayed.”

October 23, 2020

“As a child, my mama would read us the Bible and hymns were sung in our home each day. For many years, I was her prodigal. However, she never lectured, complained or nagged—she knew one day I would return to my Savior, and prayed.”

That’s the start of a beautiful email we received from Lucia in Florida. Here’s what she said next:

“Today Mama is 85, and it is my pleasure to sit with her daily as we listen to your teaching on Nehemiah. I only wish we would have started earlier. Your thorough explanations including the spiritual meaning of the gates of Jerusalem have opened our hearts and eyes even more. We are amazed. Thank you for bringing us together in God’s Word, and for taking our understanding deeper than we could have imagined. I praise God for many things in my life, but most of all for a mother who showed us the heart of her Savior as she loved each of us in His name.”

Godly parents are a gift. Pray today for those who are raising their children (and grandchildren) to follow the Lord. May they walk and talk in love as they point their precious little loved ones to the Lord. Praise God for the godly heritage Thru the Bible plays as it is shared from one generation to the next.

Despite a growing disinterest for spiritual things, God’s Word is taking root in Belgium. Join us on Monday as our worldwide prayer adventure continues.