World Prayer Today

Praying for hearts to soften in Bahrain

November 04, 2020

With daringly designed skyscrapers and vast air-conditioned malls, it may be hard to believe Bahrain was once home to the ancient Dilmun empire.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today as we touch down in the capital of Manama, it’s amazing to see the ease with which Bahrain balances the old with the new. Surprisingly, Bahrainis enjoy a great sense of freedom compared to the strictness of neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia.

However, despite the relative openness of the government, people’s hearts are tightly closed to the gospel. Want a glimpse of the opposition? Here are a few responses our local team has recently received:

One gentleman texted: “Your Bible is filled with lies, please stop spreading the deception.”

Another said: “Islam is the truth. There is no other way.”

A woman called to tell us: “Jesus was only a prophet. You are misled.”

And a final text: “I do not like your teaching, but I continue to listen. Somehow, I find it intriguing. Please stop, so I can be done.”

Don’t let these responses discourage you in your prayer today—often those who fiercely object are actually wrestling with the truth. Pray they respond to God’s draw on their hearts (especially for the one who wrote the last text).

Pray for those who depend on Thru the Bible in Bahrain. Pray also for those who listen for a few seconds or stay with us for the entire study—may God’s Word linger in their ears, change their minds, and soften their hearts toward Him.

Philippians 4:7 has special meaning for a listener named Samir. Find out why as our journey through the Middle East continues tomorrow on World Prayer Today.