World Prayer Today

“Here in Yemen, you are my access to the Bible”

November 24, 2020

As we travel together, we stop in Yemen—a country where evangelism is against the law and those who share the good news are subject to punishment by death. But praise God His Word is taught on Thru the Bible each day.

One listener tells how important the teaching of God’s Word is to him.

“My name is Mostafa, and here in Yemen you are my access to the Bible. My family joins me, and we are learning a lot from each message. Everything is new, but everything makes sense. The Bible is so refreshing. We pray every day for Yemeni Christians to live like Jesus. Our country is collapsing, but we are praying that we are light and salt as much as possible. Pray for us and pray for Yemen; we believe your prayers make a difference.”

Life in Yemen is desperate, especially for Christians. Praise God for His love of the Yemeni people and for Christians like Mostafa who love them too. Pray for God’s light to shine in their darkness and for more Yemenis to turn to God in these difficult days.

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