World Prayer Today

“My husband left me, but God never did”

November 30, 2020

“My husband left me, but God never did.”

That’s what we hear from Malini as we pray and praise our way through Chhattisgarh, India, today. Here’s the rest of her story:

“I was separated from my husband within a month of marriage. This incident broke my heart and changed my life. I used to listen to your program but was not regular about it. Suddenly, one day, I recalled the radio station and started listening again. I know it was God helping me through this difficult time.

“As I heard His Word, I gathered strength in my life. Now I am a regular listener, and it has helped me to develop faith in Jesus Christ and accept Him as my personal Savior. There is a church near our village so I go to church sometimes, but this program helps me to know the Word. Thank you for being God’s instrument in my time of deep pain.”

In the middle of heartbreak, has God met your needs too? Praise Him today. And if you are going through difficult times, let Malini’s story encourage you. God is with you, and He loves you deeply. For more about how you can trust Him in difficult days, download Dr. McGee’s free digital booklet, “What to Do When Life is Hard.”

As our countdown to 2021 continues, we’ve got more reasons to praise God. Join us tomorrow on World Prayer Today.