World Prayer Today

“I was locked down due to Covid-19, but my heart was set free”

December 09, 2020

Our journey of praise continues today as we welcome a brother from Ivory Coast to the family of God. Here’s his story.

“I say thank you to the Lord of our lives, Almighty God! I live in Bouaké and was in Abidjan during the Covid confinement period. I am in trade and I am constantly moving about and meeting with people. I thought I was going to die, not from the virus but from being stuck in one place.

“It was under these conditions that I discovered Thru the Bible in my Bambara language! And with my cell phone, while still listening to the radio, I could record and listen afterwards. The messages on this program have strengthened me. I received hope and gave my life to Jesus. I may have been locked inside, but I feel as though my heart was set free. These messages are so important, thank you for airing them during these troubled times. God bless you abundantly.”

We’re so glad for this new brother and all those who are drawn by God to His truth. Your prayers are making a difference!

God’s Word finally makes sense to a believer in Benin. Rejoice with them tomorrow as we travel on our knees.