World Prayer Today

“I thank God for radio, which connects us to Him every day”

December 15, 2020

God is answering our prayers. That’s what we’re celebrating here on World Prayer Today, and it’s also what we hear from Lokesh, a fellow Thru the Bible listener in Karnataka, India.

“I still remember the day, I tuned the radio and listened to the Word of God. That same day, I accepted Jesus Christ as my God and Savior. It’s been almost seven years ago, when I was fighting cancer and taking treatment. The Word of God through your teaching gave me strength and showed me God was real. What a tremendous blessing.

“Now all the churches are closed due to Covid-19, and you are our only source of teaching and fellowship. I thank God for radio, which connects us to Him every day. And I thank Him for the prayers He is answering and the peace of mind He gives us through His Word. He always protects and provides. To Him be the glory.”

Isn’t that a great letter? If God is drawing you close to Him through the study of His Word, thank Him today and pray more listeners in Karnataka do, too.

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A group of refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo claims the promise of Exodus 33:14 as their own. Hear their story tomorrow on World Prayer Today.