World Prayer Today

Our struggles and questions matter to God

December 18, 2020

We’re back in the Middle Eastern country of Turkey today, celebrating the impact of God’s Word in the life of a university professor. He tells us:

“I’m 70 years old, and I have been reading my whole life. I was a teacher at the university. I’ve raised students. I’ve written countless scientific papers. I’ve been called to conferences in various places. I’ve received awards and written speeches. I’ve lived my life as a highly respected man, and of all these achievements, I’ve never had time to face God.

“If I had not lost my wife two years ago, I would keep thinking there’s no death, and I’d live forever. When my wife suddenly died of a heart attack and I was alone, I realized how empty everything is. A Christian friend of mine came to visit me and advised me to listen to your programs.

“I was lonely, and our home was quiet. I was greatly depressed, and I had nothing to lose. Then, I turned on the radio. At first, I had conflicts of great confrontations with God—fights, even interrogations. After two years, I believed in Jesus Christ. My greatest sadness is that my wife died without knowing Jesus Christ. But I believe, and I choose to worship Him with my whole being.”

Our struggles and questions matter to God. Praise Him that when our questions are driven by faith to understand and willingness to follow, Jesus promises that we will be satisfied (Matthew 5:6).

A pastor in India places a loudspeaker on the roof of a church. Find out what happens next on Monday.