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A prisoner in Southern Africa finds hope and help in God’s Word

January 28, 2021

AIDS, malaria, poverty, food shortages, political unrest—as we return to Southern Africa today, we are reminded that traveling here is never easy on the heart and living here can be downright difficult on the soul.

However, as we make our way through the many countries in this region, we receive uplifting news from a listener of THRU the BIBLE’s Zulu programs. He says:

“I was a prisoner and thought I would never be a good man again because of the treatment I received from the guards and fellow inmates. I began to think about killing another prisoner and guaranteeing my whole life would be spent inside of these prison walls. I would not have to worry what would happen to me after I was released.

“I thank God for bringing your teaching into my life to remind me there is still hope in Christ. I’m grateful to your whole team for spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world and for the seed that dropped into my spirit that day I first heard you on the radio. I started listening daily, and I am not ashamed to say I am what I am today because I am born again through the Spirit of God. Each one of us and our country will only survive through the truth and grace of God's Word. I will forever be grateful for your teachings. God bless you.

Praise God for the hope found in His Word. As you pray today, lift up all those who rely on God’s Word to get through each day. Whatever their need, God knows. Thank Him in advance for His provision.

As THRU the BIBLE goes out in the languages of Zulu, English, Shona, and Afrikaans, pray many more in Southern Africa find the eternal hope found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our prayer journey is far from over. Join us tomorrow as we celebrate a milestone and gear up for an amazing year of watching God work through His Word.

Listen here to TTB-Zulu.