World Prayer Today

God’s Word is shining light on lies

March 25, 2021

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Our week-long journey through middle Africa continues with a quick stop in Gabon.

On previous travels we’ve learned that although politically peaceful (a rarity in Africa), Gabon is often called a spiritual minefield for many reasons—including the rapid growth of Islam and the horrible blending of perverse cult practices with Christian beliefs.

Join us today in praying more listeners like this one hear God’s Word taught on THRU the BIBLE and learn to separate the truth from lies.

“I visited several churches looking to hear more about Jesus. Most talked about other things. I asked family and friends about Him, and no one could explain His importance. Then, out of nowhere, I met a woman who told me to listen to your radio programs. It was as if a light turned on. All the nonsense I had heard began to clear away. The truth was easy to understand and to follow. I have not looked back. I am now listening to your teaching on Corinthians. Please send any information you can to help me follow along.”

Praise God that when we seek Him, we will find Him (Matthew 7:7-8). Pray more people will hear God’s Word taught on THRU the BIBLE. As they hear the truth, may they too choose to walk away from the lies and live a new life in Jesus Christ.

A family in the Democratic Republic of Congo finds purpose during Covid-19 lockdowns. Hear more tomorrow as we travel on your knees.

Listen here to TTB-English (African).