World Prayer Today

“I believe our families and country can be different if we put God first.”

April 15, 2021

We’ve got good news today. God’s Word is healing hearts and mending families in eastern Asia.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. As we travel through China a listener asks us to pray for hurting families like his own.

“My wife and I had great heartache in our marriage. We lived separate lives while sharing the same home. We rarely spoke. It was the best we felt we could do.

“Seeing my unhappiness, a coworker told me to listen to your programs. I didn’t see the value at first, however I continued to listen. Bit by bit I began to feel a change. I invited my wife to listen with me and our relationship is now mended. Our children have come to know Him as well.

“Please pray many more people in China will listen to God’s Word. Pray their hearts are softened to God and to each other. Pray their children are raised knowing Jesus Christ and the foundation of their lives is built on Him. I believe our families and country can be different if we put God first.”

As we join in this request, ask God for His Word to be heard in more than just Mandarin and Cantonese. Pray for those in China who speak Central-Asian Russian, Uzbek, and so many other languages to board the Bible Bus with us. May it be the beginning of a lifelong journey of studying God’s Word.

Christians in North Korea need our prayers. Join us tomorrow and invite everyone you know to intercede with us.