World Prayer Today

“I’m scared …. I do not know any other ex-Muslims.”

April 21, 2021

“I will not let go of my Jesus, and I know He will make a way for me!”

That’s the courageous statement we hear from Saeed in Egypt. He continues:

“I’m 23 years old and started doubting the religion of my country about five years ago. I always wondered why Allah was so unmerciful. I considered myself a merciful person, but Islam was vengeful.

“I started looking for the true God and reading about the life of Jesus. I found your program and was astonished. The things I learned were different than the story and ideas taught to us by the elders. Jesus came to earth not looking for prestige nor thrones, and surely didn’t come here to form a State. He came to sacrifice Himself to our human race and to save us from our sins!

“I won’t deny that I'm scared of the unknown, because I do not know any other ex-Muslims. But I have chosen to follow Jesus, and I will trust in Him completely. Please pray for me.”

God is good. Praise Him today for making Himself known to Saeed and all those who seek Him. Pray more people in Egypt will hear His Word on THRU the BIBLE and realize Jesus is altogether different and more wonderful than they can imagine. 

There’s more to pray about tomorrow in Morocco. Join as our prayer adventure through northern Africa continues.

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