World Prayer Today

Praying for those persecuted by family

April 23, 2021

It’s hard to believe, but often the most violent persecution against our brothers and sisters in Christ comes from those who are supposed to protect them. That’s the story we hear from two sisters in Libya today:

“My sister and I came to Christ by accident, and at first we kept it a secret. Each day as we listened to your programs, our faith has grown. One day my brother caught us listening and told our father. When he asked what we were doing we told him. We were relieved to share our faith in Jesus. However, he beat us. He also has given our brother permission to beat us at will. Every day we remind ourselves that we have you as our loving family in Christ.”

As our journey through northern Africa comes to a close, pray for these sisters and all those persecuted by family members and friends. Ask God to draw them close and strengthen them for the battle. Ask Him to use His Word to deepen their faith through dark and difficult days. Finally, ask Him to deliver them from their enemies (especially from those who should love them instead) and restore their souls to wholeness found only in trusting Jesus Christ day by day. 

We’ve got an exciting journey ahead next week. Meet us on Monday in Venezuela. 

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