World Prayer Today

Going deeper into God’s Word in Texas

May 03, 2021

Welcome, World Prayer Team, we have a wild and wonderful week planned as we crisscross the globe and rejoice in the difference God’s Word makes in each of our lives. Today we’re in McAllen, Texas, where a listener named Stefani shares this:

“I started listening last summer and decided to use your online archives to deepen my study of God’s Word. I have since studied Genesis, Exodus, Hebrews, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, and Ruth. I learn so much from Dr. McGee’s explanations, and I am always praying and asking the Lord which book to do next!

“I also use your online resources to lead a small group women’s Bible study. I figured since Thru the Bible has blessed my study of God’s Word so much, why not bring it to more people?

“I love hearing the letters you share and knowing the Word transforms lives all over the world. It is exciting to think that I have brothers and sisters in Christ studying the Word with me and Dr. McGee in their own languages.

“I am blessed to be a part of the Thru the Bible family not only through listening, but through my prayers and gifts. Thank you for making the resources available online so I can listen anywhere, at any time.”

Yes! Thank God for all those who hop aboard the Bible Bus with us. Ask Him to reach more through the efforts of listeners like Stefani and all of you.

What is God teaching you as we study His Word and pray together? It’s letter month and we’d love to know. Email [email protected] today.

Tomorrow we join hearts with a World Prayer Team member in Bristol, UK. Meet us there!