World Prayer Today

Following in her mother’s faithful footsteps

May 04, 2021

Welcome, prayer team! We’re in Bristol, United Kingdom, today visiting with a fellow Bible Bus passenger named Charmaine who tells us: 

“My mother (who lives in Nigeria) first heard about you from Premier Christian Radio while she was on holiday in the UK back in 2014. She is partially sighted, so was pleased to purchase the Solar Bible Bus device and listen. She loved the teachings of Pastor McGee so much that she has gifted each of her seven children and some friends with a device as well.

“This turned out to be a lovely gift as now I too have shared Dr. McGee’s teaching with most of my church friends and family. Every Friday my teenage sons study a chapter of Genesis and listen to Pastor McGee’s teachings on the chapter; then I prepare a quiz on what they have learned. It has been so refreshing to see them enjoy studying the Word and see it come alive in their lives.

“I cannot thank you enough. Listening to Thru the Bible has been a tremendous blessing to my mum and her entire family! I pray nothing fashioned against this ministry will ever prosper and God’s Word will have free course in the lives of people that listen to this teaching.”

Today pray 2 Thessalonians 3:1 alongside Charmaine. Ask God to spread His Word swiftly in the UK and that it be glorified by all those who hear it.

We’d love to hear how God’s Word is making a difference in your life, too. Share your story at [email protected].

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