World Prayer Today

Doors are open in Oman

May 18, 2021

Pristine coastlines and gorgeous mountain views are two of the reasons Oman is quickly becoming a popular destination for travelers worldwide.

Welcome, prayer travelers. As we touch down in the capital city of Muscat, we find that despite the rise in tourism, Oman has retained its traditional charm and values, including much more personal freedom and political stability than its surrounding neighbors.

Though more than 77% of Omanis are Muslim, people are free to practice varying faiths, and the government has even given land for places of worship. 

Today let’s praise God for this opportunity in a very closed region. As God’s Word goes out, pray for those who have not yet heard the Good News. Ask God to prepare their hearts and open their minds for the life-giving message He has for each one of them.

We’re traveling on our knees through Kuwait tomorrow. Your prayers are needed.

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