World Prayer Today

Worry about nothing, pray about everything

July 01, 2021

Whether you want to see exotic wildlife, soak in dramatic landscapes, experience unparalleled outdoor adventures, or open the pages of history and learn more about apartheid … South Africa is the place to visit.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today our travels bring us to the beautiful city of Cape Town. Our tour through the V&A waterfront is charming, and when we stop to taste the local cuisine we meet with Sophie, a listener of THRU the BIBLE in African English. Here’s her story:

“Over the past year, anxiety has become a way of life for me. I saw a doctor and received treatment, but I still felt as though something was missing. One night online, I heard your Bible study. I was hooked and began going through your resources. Thank you so much for the booklet on anxiety. Understanding Philippians 4:6 is just what I needed. I continue to listen to you regularly and have learned perhaps instead of falling apart, I am being put back together in a new and better way. For this I am grateful to God.”

More and more people write us telling us about their anxiety. Pray for them today. Ask God to help them experience His peace … His indescribable peace found when they come to a relationship with His Son, Jesus—and return again, every day, to their relationship with Jesus.

Want to read Dr. McGee’s booklet Sophie mentioned? Download “How to Have Peace in Anxious Times” for free.

Tomorrow we’ll make our way through the tiny nation of Lesotho. Join us in prayer.

Listen here to TTB-African English.