World Prayer Today

Celebrating the truth of John 8:36 in Rwanda

July 06, 2021

 “Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” -John 8:36

Welcome to Rwanda! Today as we travel on our knees, we stop and celebrate the truth of John 8:36 in the life of Emy, who recently texted:

“I am no longer a slave of sin, because Jesus has saved me. I heard your teachings and everything in my life has changed. I now listen every day and trust the Lord will bless me in this life.”

Today as we praise God for His saving grace in Emy’s life, ask Him to expand the reach of THRU the BIBLE in the language of Kinyarwanda. As His Word goes out, may more Rwandans discover the freedom and joy found in knowing and living in Him.

Need a reminder that God is in control? Join us tomorrow in Tanzania.

Listen here to TTB-Kinyarwanda.