World Prayer Today

God’s Word is setting hearts free in Italy

July 21, 2021

“When I started to read the Bible with you, I went into crisis.”

That’s what we hear today from Angelica in Italy. Here’s the rest of her story.

“What I was learning was very different from what I have been taught in church. I was so upset. I never knew I could go to Jesus directly with my sin. I spent years practicing rites and rituals that are meaningless. What a waste! Thank you for helping me know I can be close to God on my own, and for helping me know what He wants from me. It’s unbelievably freeing to see the truth for myself.”

Thank God that when we read His Word, He reveals Himself and allows us to see His truth clearly. Pray today more people in Italy join us on the Bible Bus. Like Angelica, may His Word, which is truth, set us free from any misconceptions and misteaching as we study together.

A listener in Portugal asks us to pray for his schizophrenic brother. Join us tomorrow on World Prayer Today.

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