World Prayer Today

“I have nothing to fear …”

July 23, 2021

If God is for us, who can be against us? -Romans 8:31

Welcome, prayer travelers. Today we’re in Serbia where we meet Svetislav, who shares:

"This year more than any other I’m grateful for God’s Word and your teaching. Covid-19 was worrisome, but I gained so much from listening to God’s Word. Each day as I studied with you, I got to know God better, but also myself. He showed me what I am like—what my fears, weaknesses, and sins are.

“I am thankful God has saved me and that He will never leave me. More than anything, I realized that if God is with me, I have nothing to fear from any man or virus.

“I’m praying for the opportunity serve Him in the next year as well, and for many more to listen to this program.”

Praise God for Svetislav’s growing faith and all who hop aboard the Bible Bus in Serbia. Pray more will join us and that through the study of God’s Word they too will realize that if God is with us, there is nothing in this world to fear.

We’re praying through Canada next week. Join us on Monday in Alberta.

Listen here to TTB-Serbian.