World Prayer Today

Praying for God’s church in Canada

July 29, 2021

Grab your outdoor gear, travelers, today we’re visiting Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan, Canada. Known for its hiking, canoeing, and camping, there are plenty of adventures to choose from. 

As we take in the adventure (perhaps a pilgrimage to Grey Owl’s Cabin or a guided bird walk led by a park interpreter) and soak up the beauty (locals suggest star gazing; they say when conditions are right, the Aurora Borealis come out to dance and play), we take some time to pray for God’s Word to reach the more than one million people who call Saskatchewan home. 

Like much of Canada, church attendance in Saskatchewan is declining and fewer Canadians are finding the Bible relevant to their lives. As THRU the BIBLE goes out, pray more people are drawn to God’s Word. In time, may Canada’s churches be filled once again and may His people glorify His name in their homes and communities. 

A grieving family in Quebec needs our prayers. See you there tomorrow.