World Prayer Today

A grieving brother requests our prayer

July 30, 2021

Our travels through Canada end this week as we visit a listener in Quebec named Marcus who has an important request. He shares: 

“My younger brother has died, and many friends and family will join us online to remember his life. My mother has asked me to speak and share the gospel. This has me petrified. Through your teachings in French, I have become confident in talking about my faith with small groups, but I have never spoken to this many people at once. Will you pray for me?” 

Praise God for all those who want to glorify Him in times of heartbreak and difficulty. Thank Him for their trust. May He bless them for their obedience and faithfulness as they reach out in His name. 

Do you need help with sharing the good news of Jesus with those you love? We have several free booklets and audio messages by Dr. McGee available online to help. 

It’s a privilege to pray with you. Monday our journey continues in Indonesia. 

Listen here to TTB-Canadian French.