World Prayer Today

Praying for illegal churches in Vietnam

August 04, 2021

Our journey through southeastern Asia continues as we land in Hanoi, Vietnam. As we tour the city, we’re quickly reminded by our tour guides that while freedom of religion is constitutionally guaranteed in Vietnam, religious groups are required to register with the government. Most churches have been denied registration and faced harassment and even persecution. But praise God His Word and His people persevere. As one listener tells us: 

I am the pastor of several illegal gatherings of believers. We use your speaker boxes to help our people know God’s Word by listening during the week in their homes or in the fields where they work. Thru the Bible is very helpful for me as the teaching follows the Bible in order and makes each book come alive. It is a relief to know even if I cannot attend a certain ‘church’ location, our people can listen and still learn. I now schedule each group to listen to the same book at the same time at the same pace. It’s as if we are all worshipping together as a larger body of believers. I praise the Lord for how you are helping us grow and learn in the knowledge and grace of our Lord.”

Today pray for God’s growing church in Vietnam. Each day His Word goes out, may more brothers and sisters join us in the family of God. Pray for those who listen in the big cities, those who listen while harvesting rice in the paddy fields, and the Hmong who join us in the remote mountains. Regardless of their language, may God’s Word stir their hearts to faith, drawing them to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Timor Leste is our prayer destination tomorrow. Get ready to lift up some heavy needs.

Listen here to TTB-Vietnamese.