World Prayer Today

Praying for atheists

August 09, 2021

I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved. -Psalm 16:8  

“For a long time, I was an atheist, and did not believe in the existence of God.”  

That’s what we hear from a listener in Equatorial Guinea as we travel through Africa this week. But his story is just the beginning, here is the rest:  

“However, when the problems of life became too large and I had nowhere to turn for support, I began reading the Bible and listening to your programs. The more I studied, the more I could no longer deny Him, and I believe He has changed my heart. I am a new man. I have chosen to believe in God and trust Him with my troubles. He is the one I look to for guidance, and He is the one who protects me.”  

There are more than 150 million atheists in the world today. Ask God to make Himself so tangible in their lives that even they cannot deny His existence. As He does, pray each one realizes God’s love for them and experiences His undeniable presence in their lives. May His truth overcome any doubts and intellectual hurdles that keep them from laying down their pride and accepting His forgiveness of their sins and His rightful place as Lord of their lives. 

“It’s never too late to begin again with God.” That’s the great news we hear tomorrow in Chad. Join us as our worldwide prayer journey continues.

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