World Prayer Today

“I had never heard the name of Jesus …”

August 16, 2021

What if you lived in a place with no churches and no other Christians? Where would you hear about Jesus? And if you did, what would you think?

Welcome to Assam, India, where after two centuries of missionary work, Christians are a small minority and most tribal people have never heard the name of Jesus. However, praise God, His Word heard on THRU the BIBLE is changing lives of listeners like this one:

“I was raised in a village of 500 people. There were no Christians and no churches nearby. I had never heard the name of Jesus. After I was married and had three children, I listened to the radio and heard your program. When I heard the Good News, I immediately felt peace in my heart and a joy I could not explain. I hesitantly told my wife, and she began to listen with me.

“Not long after, we became Christians and started inviting others to listen with us. No one else has joined us in the faith, but they regularly listen. We know it won’t be long. We believe God is powerful and pray our family and our neighbors will yield their lives to Him before it is too late.”

Today lift up friends and neighbors like these who are sharing God’s Word with those they love. As we pray His Word is a source of strength and encouragement to them, pray their efforts result in many more choosing to turn to the Lord in saving faith.

Tomorrow a listener with HIV in Karnataka tells us, “I am dying but I’ve never felt more alive.” Hear her story and pray with us on World Prayer Today.

Listen here to TTB-Assamese.