World Prayer Today

What book of the Bible has had the most impact on you?

August 20, 2021

One of the joys of traveling the world together on our knees is hearing how God uses different parts of His Word to speak to each of us. What book of the Bible has had the most impact on you? 

A listener in Tamil Nadu tells us how the (not very often traveled) Old Testament book of Amos changed his life: 

“I’ve been listening to your study for a while now, but on December 14, 2020, my life completely changed. As I listened to your teaching on Amos, it was finally clear to me why God’s way is the only way. I surrendered my life to Him and have never been happier. I feel free of the burdens I carried for so long. I pray more people will hear this teaching and learn to give Him their struggles and their pain.”

Isn’t that great? Let’s echo that prayer for listeners in India and throughout the world today. As God’s Word goes out, may His Spirit speak to hearts and minds, drawing each person into a saving relationship with our Father through His precious Son, Jesus. 

Our journey through eastern Asia begins on Monday in Japan. Come ready to pray!