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Good news from South Korea

August 26, 2021

As our prayer journey through eastern Asia continues this week, we return to South Korea to thank God for hearing and answering our prayers for listeners like these: 

In a text, Sun-young tells us: I thank God for saving us through Jesus Christ, not through the law. I am thankful for the true gospel and true Word of God. You have opened my eyes to the truth.” 

And Jung shares: “It is late Monday evening while I am still working. I am exhausted, but I feel comforted knowing God is my Father. ‘McGee’s Bible Study’ is like the oasis in the desert. I can’t wait to hear the next episode.” 

Ji-hoon says: The book of Ecclesiastes has been speaking to my heart since the passing of my father a few years ago. Although my father (who kept the radio on all day) is no longer alive, I now keep the radio on 24/7 as he used to do. I pray this great program will continue to air so my children will also hear the Bible taught every day.” 

Praise God for the work of His Word in South Korea! Keep praying for more Koreans to turn to Him, especially among the younger generations that seem to be drifting away from the church. Intercede for this generation! 

Tomorrow is our final stop in eastern Asia. Join us as we pray for more people in Taiwan to hop aboard the Bible Bus with us.

Listen here to TTB-Korean.