World Prayer Today

Praying Psalm 119:18 in Taiwan

August 27, 2021

“The Bible is God’s communication to man. If he spoke out of heaven right now, he would just repeat Himself.”  -Dr. J. Vernon McGee 

What’s on your list to visit in Taiwan? Sun Moon Lake? The National Palace Museum? Or how about a trip to the Lantern Festival in the small, mountain village of Pingxi? There is so much to see and do here! 

Welcome, World Prayer Team. As we touch down in Taipei, a new listener named Tsai greets us and is excited to share his story. 

“I’ve heard your programs on Genesis. I want to listen to them over and over again. I have learned so much in a short time. I never thought studying the Bible would be interesting, but now I’m obsessed!”

What a great report. Together let’s pray more people in Taiwan hear God’s Word and learn the joy and importance of regular Bible study. As they open His Word, may the Holy Spirit open their eyes so they can hear the wondrous messages God has for them (Psalm 119:18). 

The World Prayer Team is heading to South America next week. Join us in Peru on Monday. 

Listen here to TTB-Mandarin.