World Prayer Today

Praying for hope and peace in Syria

September 14, 2021

As long as there are people like you to care and show the teaching of the Holy Bible, I believe there is hope for the world.”

That’s the message we hear today from one THRU the BIBLE listener in war-torn Syria. She continues:

“Your program is one of a kind. I have never heard the Bible explained the way you do. I never knew it could help us understand our lives and inform our decisions. Thank you for helping me grow in Christ and in changing my life from darkness to light!”

Thank God that although many Christians have fled this Muslim-dominant nation, others are being drawn to Him daily through His Word. Pray more will hear the message of hope and peace that can be found in a relationship with Jesus. Through their witness, may His love be poured out on the millions of Syrians who are suffering today without knowing Him.

God’s Word is breaking down barriers in Iraq. Pray with us for THRU the BIBLE in Kurdish tomorrow.

Listen here to TTB-Arabic.